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September 28, 2018
Before the first month of school passes us by, we want to keep you up to date with what has been going on and what is to come!  
As of July, 1st, Dr. Donna Wolfrom has officially stepped into the role of our district’s new Superintendent and has hit the ground running! To date, Dr. Wolfrom has had multiple meetings with staff, community members, Town Councilors, Town Manager, and has held retreats with both the Administration and the School Board.  Erin Tosi is the new Assistant to the Superintendent, and the go-to person for anyone who might want to schedule a meeting with Dr. Wolfrom.  
Among other new administrators, Cape Elizabeth Middle School welcomed Kyle Morey as the new Assistant Principal.  Mr. Morey and Principal Troy Eastman have the added advantage of successfully working together previously during their tenures at Oxford Hills. Lastly, the district welcomes Delbert (“Del”) Peavey as the Director of Special Education.  Mr. Peavey’s office is located in Town Hall along with Dr. Wolfrom and Cathy Stankard (Director of Teaching and Learning).  Jessica Talbot continues as the department’s Special Services Office Manager.
During a Special Business Meeting on August 28th, the School Board voted unanimously to approve participating in an inter-local agreement with the Greater Sebago Education Alliance Regional Service Center. This is an alliance of 11 neighboring school districts wishing to leverage purchasing powers and be positioned to receive additional state funding through the state’s Regional Service Initiative. At the November elections, Cape Elizabeth voters will be asked to vote to approve this partnership.
At the September 11th Regular Business Meeting, the School Board voted unanimously to support Dr. Wolfrom’s request to initiate the process of developing a new strategic plan for the district.  Also of note, Julia Thorek and Piper Strunk were welcomed to the dais as the new Student Representatives for CEHS. We are grateful for their valuable input and look forward to their future participation.
As promised during the FY19 School Budget process, the School Board and Town Council have commenced strategizing to form a more collaborative, efficient, and pro-active budget process for FY20. On September 25th, the School Board and Administrators held a workshop devoted entirely to this aim. Furthermore, after a constructive meeting including Matt Sturgis (Cape Elizabeth’s Town Manager), Dr. Wolfrom, and the School Board Chair and Vice Chair, it was decided that the School Board and Town Council will hold a joint workshop with the help of a facilitator on Tuesday, October 23rd.  Community members who are interested in joining the conversation and improving the process are highly encouraged to attend.  Input can also be submitted via email prior to the workshop, if attendance is not possible.

The policy committee reconvened on August 30 to continue its work reviewing and updating CESD policies.  At the behest of high school nurse and athletic trainer, updates were made to the Management of Concussions and other Head Injuries to align with current practices.  In order to reflect the current grading procedures at the high school, changes were made to High School Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities Eligibility and Code of Conduct.  Updates were also made to the Homework policy.  All three policies were brought before the School Board for a first read (public reading and discussion, no vote) at the Board's September business meeting.  
At the September 24 policy committee meeting, there was extensive discussion about the Student Wellness Policy, including nutrition language updates mandated by the state.  The committee thanks all three school nurses, building principals, and the Director of Nutrition for their work on the Wellness policy.  Homework policy was discussed again but will not be brought to the Board for adoption in the near future.  It was agreed that the over-arching philosophy on Homework will be part of a broader community discussion during Strategic Planning. In the absence of an update to the Homework policy, the companion policy document titled Homework Expectations and Guidelines, updated on June 4 of this year, provides direction to educators, students, and parents.  
All policies are posted on the CESD website in the School Board section policy tab.  If a policy is in process of being updated, the newest version will not appear on the website until it has been approved with a vote on a "second reading" at a School Board business meeting.  
The policy committee meets monthly and is open to the public.  Meetings are typically held during the last week of the month and are posted online.
Although the cost of a Facilities Study was ultimately taken out of the this year’s budget, the need and determination to improve our buildings continues.  In the hopes of successfully reaching this goal, we are renewing efforts and looking to form a new committee composed of administrators, Town Councilors, students, and community members. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this committee by contacting the School Board Chair, Susana Measelle Hubbs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tuesday, October 9th, 2018, Regular School Board Meeting at 6:30PM in Town Hall — agenda not yet available.
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018, School Board and Town Council Joint Workshop on FY20
Budget Process at 6:30PM — Cape Elizabeth Fire Station.
Tuesday, October 30th, 2018, Cape Elizabeth Comprehensive Planning Committee Final Public
Forum at 6:30PM in Town Hall.

School Board Members 2019

Susana Measelle Hubbs - Chair
Heather Altenburg - Co-Vice Chair
Elizabeth Scifres
Kimberly Carr - Co-Vice Chair
Laura DeNino
M. Nasir Shir
Hope Straw
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