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May 24, 2019


The CESD FY20 budget was unanimously approved by the Town Council during their May 13th Budget Adoption Meeting.  Councilors expressed gratitude for the budget’s collaborative process and sensitivity to taxpayers.  The final step — and most critical — rests in the hands of our community via the Citizens Vote on June 11th.  It is essential that all community members take the time to express their position on public education within our town by voting.  Voter turnout matters every time and serves as a barometer of the community’s priorities.  Currently, Absentee Voting is underway at Town Hall through June 6th.  Please be sure to make your voice heard by submitting your absentee ballot or by voting on June 11th!

Information on the entire budget can be found on the district webpage under the Budget Information tab.

At the May 14th School Board Regular Business Meeting, Cape Elizabeth High School Art Teacher, Rosamond Gross, recognized three CEHS students who received awards from 2019 Maine Regional Scholastic Art Awards for their individual artwork.  Presented by the nonprofit, Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, these awards are considered the most prestigious awards for students in grades 7 - 12 and are selected based on three criteria: Originality; Technical Skills; and Emergence of Personal Vision or Voice.  Sophomore, Cecily Trout, and Junior, Vivian Sullivan, each received an Honorable Mention and Silver Key for their paintings, drawings, and digital art.  Junior, Julia Mukai received the Gold Key for her painting and is an American Vision Nominee.  Although, Julia Mukai was not present for the meeting, Vivian Sullivan and Cecily Trout provided examples of their work and discussed their artistic process.

Later in the same meeting the ESOL (English as Second Language) Program teacher, Jessica Miller, provided the School Board with an update on the district’s ESOL program.  Currently, there are a total of 19 EL (English Learner) students participating in the ESOL program.  Collectively, the students speak 11 different languages — with Spanish and Arabic being the most common.  The countries represented by these students include: Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Iceland, India, Iraq, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, and Venezuela.  Ms. Miller explained that every year EL students are tested on their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across content areas.  According to research, Ms. Miller stated that it takes 5 to 7 years for a student to fully develop academic language.  On a scale of 1 to 6, with six being fully proficient, a student can graduate from the ESOL program once they have reached a an average proficiency score of 4.5.  In addition to helping EL students achieve English proficiency, the ESOL program within Cape Elizabeth maintains the following goals: Develop Individualized Language Acquisition Plans for each student; Provide instructional strategies to support content teachers; and Celebrate diversity and help ensure Els are able to participate meaningfully in CESD education program.

As always, recordings of all School Board Regular Business Meetings are available at the CETV website and CESD website.


The policy committee met on April 30th to continue the ongoing review of CESD policies.  The following policies were reviewed by the committee:  

For Second Reading and Vote by the School Board:

FF – Naming of School Facilities  

IHBEA – Program for English Learners

KHC – Distribution of Non-School Materials


For First Reading Review:

ACAA – Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students


At the May 14th Regular Business meeting the School Board reviewed the above policies.   The outcome of this review is as follows:

Policy FF – Naming of School Facilities  - revisions reviewed at the meeting contained substantive changes to the policy such as the creation of a naming committee, as well as guidance for future naming procedures.   The Board decided to table an approval vote on the revisions for the next Regular Business meeting to allow time for further input from any interested parties before final adoption of the changes. 

Policy IHBEA – Program for English Learners was adopted with minor changes to address contemporary naming and procedure updates as it applies to the policy.

Policy KHC – Distribution of Non-School Materials was adopted with changes that provide clarity to the district around what materials are permitted to be distributed to students and families via email, back pack mail or posted within the schools.

Also at the May 14th meeting, the School Board reviewed for first reading the policy ACAA – Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students. 

All policies are posted on the CESD website in the School Board section policy tab. 

Policy Committee meetings occur once per month and are open to the public.   The next policy meeting is scheduled for May 28th at 3:00 in the Jordan Conference Room.  



  • Tuesday, May 28th, Policy Committee, 3:00PM - 4:00PM, Jordan Conference Room, Town Hall.
  • Tuesday, May 28th, School Board Workshop, Strategic Plan Goals, 6:30PM - 8:30PM, CEHS Library.
  • Tuesday, June 11th, Regular School Board Business Meeting, 6:30PM - 8:30PM, Town Hall Chambers.
  • Tuesday, June 11th, Citizens Voting Day, 7AM - 8PM, CEHS.

School Board Members 2019

Susana Measelle Hubbs - Chair
Heather Altenburg - Co-Vice Chair
Elizabeth Scifres
Kimberly Carr - Co-Vice Chair
Laura DeNino
M. Nasir Shir
Hope Straw
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