Classroom Observation
1. Observation sessions will be planned at least 48 hours in advance so as not to create conflict with teacher and student schedules and dates and times will be mutually agreed upon by the building principal, parent, and teacher.
2. Observations will be limited to once per month for no more than 60 minutes per visit in order to avoid distraction or disruption to the teacher's schedule and classroom atmosphere. Under certain circumstances, such as evaluation, upcoming IEP meeting, crisis intervention, etc, a parent or provider may request additional days or time for observation; the principal is directed to use his or her discretion to either approve or decline such requests.
3. The principal reserves the right to decline any request for classroom observation if it is determined that such an observation would cause undue disruption in the educational process.
4. For security reasons, all visitors are required to sign in and out at the school office and wear a visitor's badge. Additionally, all visitors are asked to sign the school's confidentiality agreement.
5. To protect the learning environment, the parent/guardian or outside provider will be the only visitor in the classroom during the observation. Any observer, other than the parent/guardian, must be approved by the principal and have written consent from the parent/guardian describing the reason for the visit/observation. Out of respect for the learning environment, parents/guardians shall not bring younger sibling or children while observing in the classroom or to utilize any electronic equipment such as cell phones while in the classroom. Observers should not disrupt the learning environment by engaging students or the teacher in conversation. Recordings (audio or visual) of the observation shall not be permitted without the specific approval of the principal.
6. During the observation, the principal or his/her designee may be present in the observed setting.
7. Parents/guardians or outside providers that disagree with the decision of the building principal have the right to challenge the decision with the Superintendent of Schools. The decision of the Superintendent shall be final.

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