Teachers, coaches or advisors are responsible for the issuance and collection of school department materials. Items such as textbooks, library books, athletic uniforms, industrial technology tools and science equipment are issued for student use through the adult in charge of the particular program or course.

Steps to be followed by Teachers, Coaches and Advisors

1. Person in charge maintains records indicating materials distributed to students. Each piece must have an identification number.

2. At the conclusion of the program or course, each student must return the issued materials.

3. If the actions of the adults in charge do not result in securing the materials, they should refer the case to the building principal. Documentation of the materials and the adult in charge attempts shall be provided to the principal.

Steps for the Principal to Follow Administrative Guidelines

1. Parents will be contacted and made aware of the situation and costs. This is done at the end of the year through a letter stating the costs and list of missing materials.

2. For students who are not in compliance, the principal may exclude the student from end of the year activities.

3. If a positive resolution does not result, the superintendent will be notified.

APPROVED: May 8, 2007
REPLACES: EDB-R – Maintenance and Control of Materials Administrative Procedures
Adopted: January 9, 1985
Reviewed: January 17, 1995
Reviewed: May 8, 2007

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2/11/14–recommended for removal from policy manual

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