The rights of pupils to ride in a school bus is contingent upon his/her behavior and observance of rules published in the HANDBOOK FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS which is distributed in the beginning of each school year. It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their children until such time as the child boards the bus in the morning and resuming after the child is delivered to the assigned bus stop at the close of the school day.

Pupils are assigned to their respective buses and bus stops at the beginning of each school year. Because of crowded conditions, middle and elementary students will only be allowed to change buses in an emergency situation. All other requests for extenuating family circumstances must be applied for in writing to the Transportation Supervisor one week prior to the effective date of the requested change.


         1.   Be on time for the bus. (Ten minutes prior to listed time.)

         2.   Remain seated while the bus is in motion.

         3.   No eating, drinking or smoking on the bus.

         4.   Talk quietly as to allow the driver to safely maneuver his route.

     5.   Keep your hands to yourself and inside the bus at all times. NO FIGHTING IS ALLOWED.

6.  Depart the bus at your assigned destination unless written permission given by your parent to disembark at a different designated bus stop.

         7.   Cross in front of the bus only when signaled by the driver.

         8.   Listen to and follow directions of the bus driver who is in full charge of the bus.


***   FIRST OFFENSE: The bus driver will speak with the student about unsafe or disrespectful behavior.

***   SECOND OFFENSE: The bus driver will send to the school administration a signed inappropriate behavior form. The administration will speak to the student, parents will be notified, and an assigned seat may be given.

         THIRD OFFENSE:   The bus driver will send to the school administration a signed inappropriate behavior form. The Administration and the Transportation Administrator will meet with the student and his/her parents and bus riding privileges will be suspended for a period of time deemed appropriate.

***   Steps 1 and 2 may be omitted for any serious violation or any repeated violation.

ADOPTED: October 11, 1994   (Replaces deleted policy EEACC-R )

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Recoded:   June 1998

Revised: May 9, 2006

                  December 7, 2007

2nd Reading: 2/11/14–recommended for removal from manual

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