Prior to enrollment, all students in Cape Elizabeth schools are required by Maine law to present a certificate of immunization or evidence of immunization or immunity against poliomyelitis; diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus; measles, mumps, rubella; varicella (chicken pox); and meningitis.
Non-immunized students shall not be permitted to attend school except as follows:

  1. The parent provides to the school a written assurance that the student will be immunized within 90 days of enrolling in school or first attendance in school classes, whichever date is the earliest. This is a one-time exception.
  2. Written documentation from the primary care provider that the immunization against one or more of the diseases may be medically inadvisable. This must be provided annually prior to the first day of school.
  3. The parent states in writing an opposition to immunization because of a sincere religious belief or for philosophical reasons. This must be provided annually prior to the first day of school.

A period of 21 calendar days may be granted to allow for the transfer of health records from one school to another.
Exclusion of Students from School
The Superintendent shall exclude from school any non-immunized student when a public health official has reason to believe that the student’s continued presence in school presents a clear danger to the health of others.  Any such student shall be excluded during the period of danger (as defined by health officials) or until the student receives the necessary immunization.
The Superintendent may also exclude from school: 1) a student who presents a public health threat in accordance with applicable laws or 2) a student who has been exposed to a communicable disease, upon the direction of a physician who has consulted with the Bureau of Health.
Arrangements shall be made for students who are excluded from school to receive and complete school assignments if possible, and to make up missed examinations and other work within a reasonable time upon their return to school. 
The Superintendent/designee is directed to develop such administrative procedures as are necessary to carry out this policy and comply with statutory requirements.
Legal Reference:          20-A MRSA §§ 6301; 6352-6359
                                             Chapter 126 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rules)
                                             Maine School Health Manual
                                             10-144 Dept. of Human Services
                                             Chpt. 261 Immunization Requirement for School Children

Cross Reference: JLCB-E - Yearly Immunization Exemption Form

ADOPTED: October 9, 1984
REVISED: March 14, 1995
REVISED: January 13, 2009
December 9, 2014 (Replaces originally named School Immunization Policy)
September 11, 2018

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