It is the goal of the Cape Elizabeth School Department to place each student appropriately in a program of study which will best serve his/her academic, social, and emotional development. In order to accomplish this goal, the school administrators, guidance personnel, teachers and parents are to be involved in sharing information to guide this decision.

School personnel will take an active role in promoting good communication with parents through a variety of means including open house activities, teacher conferences; written correspondence such as report cards, progress reports, curriculum guides and teacher summaries of student work; and information available to parents and students on the school website. This process of communication will also include opportunities for parents to give input as to what kind of classroom environment they see as helpful for their child.

Each administrative unit will develop specific procedures that include a variety of means by which school personnel make recommendations for specific classroom placements. After gathering pertinent information, the Guidance office and/or department will make the initial placement based on these recommendations. Each unit will also provide for a review process by which a parent may request a reassessment of the placement. After the review process, the principal will make the final determination.

Recoded: June 1998
ADOPTED: October 9, 1984
REVISED: May 11, 1993
REVISED: February 12, 2008
Reviewed: February 11, 2014

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