Cape Elizabeth High School has enjoyed a tradition of hosting exchange students from a wide variety of countries representing many language and cultural backgrounds. The richness of their lives and personal experiences has enhanced the school community. In an effort to promote positive student exchange experiences for the host families, students and teachers, the following guidelines have been adopted to ensure quality placements.

• Exchange students must be placed with a family that resides in Cape Elizabeth. It is preferable that the host family have a student at Cape Elizabeth High School.

• Host families must obtain permission from the High School principal by July 1 for a student to begin the following September.

• Exchange student are accepted for only one academic year beginning in September.

• The maximum number of exchange students who may be enrolled at one time for one academic year is four.

• Exchange students must have a J-1 visa and be placed by approved exchange programs listed in the advisory list of International Exchange Travel and Exchange Programs of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel Exchange and approved by the U.S. Information Agency.

• Competency in the English language is required. The student must have sufficient knowledge of the English language to enable effective oral and written communication and to function in the regular educational setting.

• Exchange students are subject to all school rules and policies including up-to-date immunizations and a physical within the last two years.

• Exchange students will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance and a transcript of grades upon completion of one academic year.

ADOPTED: October 9, 1984
REVISED: October 11, 1994
February 11, 1997
Recoded: June 1998
REVISED: September 9, 2008
April 14, 2015

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