A short-term substitute is defined as a day-to-day absence caused by illness or personal emergencies of an individual staff member.

Long-term substitute is defined as a teacher covering a single assignment for at least six (6) weeks.

Rates of Pay

1 - 15 days: $80.00 per diem for teachers
$125.00 per diem for school nurses

16 - 30 days*: $100.00 per diem for teachers
$150.00 per diem for school nurses
*Paid only after 15 consecutive days in one assignment

Six (6) weeks or more: BA base rate
If absence is known to be six weeks or more in advance, not exceeding one semester, substitute will be paid at the bachelor base scale from day one.

A full semester or more: If the long-term assignment is known to exceed one semester in length, pay will be at the appropriate step on the teacher index.

Long-term substitute teachers should be notified that the term of employment ceases at the scheduled termination of the regular teacher's leave. As temporary employees, long-term substitutes are not covered by any terms of the teacher contract.


If a substitute is in one assignment for 6 consecutive weeks, that substitute will have one written observation by a member of the Administration.

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Updated: July 1, 2015
Removed from Policy manual: 9/10/13

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