Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers, and Staff

We are writing to recognize the resignations of Kelly Hasson and Mike Tracy, and to express our appreciation to both of them for their service and capable leadership of Cape Elizabeth schools. They will be missed, and we wish them all the best.

In response to their decisions we have promptly posted vacancies and plan to hold interviews later this month and into August. Interview teams will include teachers, parents, school board members and central office administrators. Our hope is to provide larger group meetings with finalists for teachers and parents in August.

This is an exciting time. Cape Elizabeth schools are top-notch because the teaching is excellent and we have wonderful parent and community support. Given those facts and because of our very desirable location, we anticipate finding outstanding new principals to lead Pond Cove and Cape Elizabeth Middle School.  We won’t rush the process; until the right school leaders are in place, central office administrators will enthusiastically pitch in to keep things moving forward.

News of the interview process and information regarding promising finalists will be shared with you immediately.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer!

Howard Colter, Superintendent     
Elizabeth Scifres, School Board Chair

School Board Members 2018

Susana Measelle Hubbs - Chair
Heather Altenburg - Vice Chair
Elizabeth Scifres
Kimberly Carr
John Voltz
M. Nasir Shir
Hope Straw
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